How legal arm-twisting by corporates is shackling reportage and undermining democracy in India

Ambanis, Sahara and others are tip of the ice-berg called corporate burying of investigative journalism

Date posted: May 3, 2016 | Category: News

From an interview:

There was only one problem: listing out cases / instances. Very few of these trickle out into the public domain and become news. In my opinion, most of these probably remain unknown / unreported. What you have here (in this book) is possibly only the tip of the iceberg. The earliest incident that we could trace was about a book called 'The Mystery of Birla House'. It was about the Birla group and a number of alleged scams it was involved in (all under the conniving nose of the West Bengal government run by the Congress), and the fantastic piece of data-mining that was done by a person called Debajyoti Burman. It was arguably the first case of persecution of a journalist in Independent India, certainly for writing about crony capitalism. The book vanished without a trace in the 1950s. Yes, without a trace! Very few copies survive; you can't even Google up much about the book. We have something about Burman's exemplary work in our book (in addition to the information in the section on the Ambani brothers). Read it!

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